Nienke Dijkstra


Waarom ben je betrokken bij TEDxHaarlem?
Just to be involved with the team, the speakers and the program. Connecting to the event in my own postal code – I love it!


Welke plek in Haarlem zou iedereen moeten bezoeken?
There are many places to have a good hangout. Westhoff next to the trainstation to get closer to your work, Mogador for the best coffee, Oosterplas in Bloemendaal (almost Haarlem) to chill out with nature, Caprera in Bloemendaal for culture, yoga to become closerto yourself at GlowYoga.


Wat is je favo TEDtalk en waarom?
For me this is the most funny and memorable one – probably a bit off the beaten TED track but hey?
Kees Moeliker about a dead duck – closer to nature. Kees presented his talk in Amsterdam during pitch night. We all had a great laugh. He got selected to present at the big TED conference.

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